Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Model (TREM)

TREM training dates are listed below. All trainings are virtual. 

The scheduled training dates are as follows, to register for a course, please select the date and complete the registration form. Class size is limited to 20 attendees. Each court can register 2 attendees per class. Course registration is open to treatment providers, case managers, and coordinators. 


Please only register an attendee for one course. 

Training Date Training Name Time
May 23-26, 2022 TREM-Male 1-4:30pm
June 13-16, 2022 TREM-Female 9am-12:30pm
July 11-14, 2022  TREM-Male 9am-12:30pm
August 8-11, 2022 TREM-Female 9am-12:30pm
September 19-22, 2022 TREM-Male 9am-12:30pm
October 17-20, 2022 TREM-Female 9am-12:30pm
November 14-17, 2022 TREM-Male 9am-12:30pm
December 12-15, 2022 TREM-Female  9am-12:30pm

Training Description

TREM uses a psychoeducational focus and skill-building approach, emphasizes survivor empowerment and peer support and teaches women techniques for self-soothing, boundary maintenance and current problem solving. This training prepares clinicians to implement the fully manualized, 29-session TREM approach to group work with women abuse survivors. Participants learn the group’s rationale and process (including a range of cognitive behavioral and psychoeducational interventions) as well as each session’s content. Leader techniques are taught through role-play in mock groups. Trainers also provide consultation about adaptations of TREM for specific settings. Objectives: 1. Participants will learn the four core assumptions, which provide the foundation for the TREM approach to trauma recovery work. 2. Participants will learn specific leader techniques used in the TREM model. 3. Participants will practice running a TREM group by being a TREM mock group leader and a TREM mock group participant. 4. Participants will understand the complex and multiple connections between trauma, mental health symptoms, and substance abuse. 5. Participants will learn how and when to use grounding techniques with consumers in group.

Which Team Members can Attend

This training does not require any license in order to become certified. However, due to the limited number of slots available, we ask that priority be given to the treatment, coordinator, or case manager.  Please note that courts are allowed to send up to 2 team members on a first come first serve basis. Attendees must each days to obtain certification to facilitate the curriculum and a certificate of attendance.  

How to Register 

  •  A Training MOU (available below) is required to attend the TREM  training. 
  • Program Coordinators should download the Training MOU document below. Review the document with the proposed registered attendee and obtain all the required signatures. Once the document is signed, registration can be completed by using the provided links. 
  • An attendance confirmation email will be sent to coordinator and attendee before the training date with all the important details of the training. 
  • Please select the date for registration and complete the form. 
  • If there are any questions, please reach out to the contact listed below. 


Download this pdf file. MOU for TREM training