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Data & Research Requests

CACJ is supportive of research on accountability courts and welcomes partnerships with research institutions and others whose work will help the agency fulfill its mission to promote and improve the quality, accessibility, and administration of accountability courts. However, not every research request furthers that goal, and research requests can involve a significant amount of staff time and resources.

Additionally, some research requests implicate privacy concerns, and CACJ is committed to protecting the privacy rights of accountability court participants. As a result, not every research request will be able to be fulfilled. CACJ's Data and Research Committee reviews all research requests and will provide an approval or denial. Data requests have the greatest likelihood of success when they clearly and concisely demonstrate how the request will further CACJ’s mission and the work of accountability courts. Applicants should also be sure to note any experience or familiarity they have with the work of accountability courts and a short statement of the purpose of the request.

Please keep the following in mind:

  • Judicial approval is needed for any participant data shared, including aggregate data;
  • A data sharing agreement is required for all external data requests; and
  • Research requests must explain in detail the purpose and use of the requested data. 

Courts shall collect, at a minimum a mandatory set of performance measures determined by the Council of Accountability Court Judges which shall be provided quarterly to the Standards and Certification Committee. The CACJ Accountability Courts Data Collection Manual should be utilized each quarter as a guide to collecting state required data metrics. Please be sure to communicate with Rachel Meyer, Data & Research Program Manager, if you have questions about data collection.


Data Reporting


Each court that accepts state grant funds during the state’s fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) must

To request data technical assistance, complete the form and please include details pertaining to questions or areas of need.

Technical assistance may include but is not limited to improving what data your program collects, how to interpret data reports, stakeholder engagement using data, and data pull and analytics

Rachel Meyer, CACJ’s Data & Research Program Manager, will contact you to schedule the site visit.

submit program metrics each quarter.

Statewide Reports

CACJ has also conducted two specific studies to determine the overall effectiveness of accountability courts.

Download this pdf file. Economic Impact Study

Download this pdf file. Processes & Outcomes Report