Data & Research

Data & Research Requests

CACJ fulfills research requests from courts using data submitted through state-funded case management systems. Sample requests include: throughput of participants served in the past three years, demographics for participants served, number of graduates, etc.

Submit a research request and include the purpose or detail how the data will be used.

Courts shall collect, at a minimum a mandatory set of performance measures determined by the Council of Accountability Court Judges which shall be provided quarterly to the Standards and Certification Committee. The CACJ Accountability Courts Data Collection Manual should be utilized each quarter as a guide to collecting state required data metrics. Please be sure to communicate with Certification and Special Projects Officer, Ms. Rachel Meyer if you have questions about data collection.


Data Reporting


Each court that accepts state grant funds during the state’s fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) must submit program metrics each quarter.

Statewide Reports

CACJ has also conducted two specific studies to determine the overall effectiveness of accountability courts.

Download this pdf file. Economic Impact Study

Download this pdf file. Processes & Outcomes Report