Recidivism Reports

Recidivism is a statutorily mandated performance measure and is defined as re-arrest rates at intervals of 12, 24, and 36 months following program participation (graduates vs. non-completers).

Previous studies demonstrated that accountability court participation leads to reduced recidivism regardless of participation length (ARS, 2018). This means that any amount of participation in an accountability court, regardless of completion, leads to lower recidivism (CVIOG, 2018).

Reduced recidivism is a primary objective of CACJ, as well as each accountability court type. In fact, accountability courts are required to use evidence-based treatment that is shown to address criminogenic risk factors and reduce recidivism.


Download this pdf file. Recidivism Refresh Memo

This memo provides an overview of the recidivism analysis and instructions for court programs to access their individual reports. If you would like to access your accountability court program's recidivism report, please visit


Download this pdf file. Recidivism Refresh Executive Summary

This executive summary describes the recidivism analysis study and summarizes the statewide re-arrest findings.


Download this pdf file. Interpreting Recidivism Reports

This is a more detailed summary of the recidivism analysis study and provides instructions on how to appropriately interpret the individual and statewide reports.