CACJ Mentor Program

Mentoring Infographic

Since 2015 the Council of Accountability Court Judges (CACJ) has supported the accountability courts in Georgia by funding an administrative position within these programs most commonly known as the coordinator. The coordinator serves as the program’s administrator and is responsible for the following: program fidelity, human resources, contracting, maintaining court administrative records, certification, fiscal responsibilities, grant writing and grants management.

The scope of duties associated with the coordinator position are vast and varied. To support this vital position the CACJ is pleased to offer the Coordinator Mentor Program as a form of technical assistance (TA) to the courts. This TA will provide a structured method for an experienced coordinator (mentor) to work closely with a less experienced (or new) coordinator (mentee) to provide one-on-one training and guidance in the area of accountability court administration. CACJ will work to provide a minimum of one mentor coordinator per judicial district.

Becoming a Mentor

CACJ Mentor Program application submissions will resume in Fall 2021.

A coordinator with at least three (3) years of experience may apply to CACJ to become a mentor. Please complete the CACJ Mentor Program application for mentors and the acknowledgement form. 

Becoming a Mentee

New coordinators can complete the CACJ Mentor Program application for mentees.