Treatment Fidelity

State Standards require that accountability courts deliver evidence-based treatment curricula to program participants. Evidence-based means that research has shown that the curriculum is effective when it is administered as designed with fidelity to the treatment model. CACJ has created a process to monitor fidelity to evidence-based treatment models to ensure that participants are receiving effective interventions and education. Per the expertise of the Treatment Fidelity Program Manager, fidelity will be maintained through:

1. Evidence-based treatment curriculum training.
2. Treatment provider coaching and supervision.
3. Formal review of evidence-based treatment delivery to participants.

CACJ is committed to assisting all certified and state-funded accountability courts with implementing evidence- based treatment curricula. The Treatment Fidelity Program Manager and Treatment Fidelity Monitor will conduct trainings and site visits and will provide targeted feedback to improve treatment delivery. Please be sure to communicate with the Treatment Fidelity Support team if you have questions about what treatment curriculum to provide or how it should be delivered.