Drug Testing

Reagent Lease for Drug of Abuse Testing Systems and Supplies

GBI Drug Testing Instrument Contracts for Accountability Court Programs

Effective September 1, 2017 the CJCC in partnership with CACJ entered into drug testing instrument lease agreements with two suppliers: Thermo Fisher and Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics.


In 2016 the Council of Accountability Court Judges (CACJ) partnered with the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) and the Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) on behalf of Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI) to initiate a Request for Proposal (RFP) that would result in statewide access to enter into lease agreements for drug testing instruments. Accountability Court Programs are encouraged to utilize a drug testing instrument as a primary drug testing method. Drug testing instruments offer a comprehensive testing menu, as well as an efficient testing process that will integrate drug test results with the two state contracted case management systems for Accountability Court Programs. The GBI drug testing instrument contracts offer not to exceed pricing for local jurisdictions to use to locally to support their Accountability Court Program(s).

Who Can Use the Contract? 

All CACJ certified and/or CACJ/CJCC funded Accountability Court programs. Courts that are not CACJ certified and/or CACJ/CJCC funded should check their procurement policy for additional information about authorization to participate.


  • Accountability Court Programs have the option to enter into pre-negotiated service agreements with one of the two state authorized suppliers.
  • The Reagent Lease option will provide instruments and accessories to be placed in the laboratory (at no cost) in exchange for the guaranteed purchase of reagents over a one year period. 
  • The resulting fixed prices will allow Accountability Court Programs to have a pre-determined expense that includes the equipment, consumables, maintenance/service agreements and any financing fees.
  • On-site training will be provided and the Supplier may offer additional off-site training opportunities as a courtesy or will quote the costs for any off-site training allowance, separate from the monthly reagent costs. 
  • Contract prices are inclusive of all fees associated with the equipment lease and test kit delivery, delivery of equipment, equipment installation (and removal at the end of the contract period), materials, labor, integration, training, and travel wrapped within the price of the reagents.

Please contact Ms. Kimberly Howard, CACJ Operations Coordinator for additional information. 

Suppliers may be reached by contacting: