Accountability Court Coordinator Certification Program

Training Infographic

The Council of Accountability Court Judges and the Carl Vinson Institute of Government are pleased to provide at no cost to state funded and/or certified accountability court program coordinators/directors, 8 courses for a total of 45 hours of instruction and that consist of the following:

Course Objectives

Learn more about the Coordinator Certification Program by reading through the course objectives.

Future courses will occur in February and April 2021. Please check the FY21 training calendar for those dates. 


  • 3 asynchronous (online) delivery courses
  • 5 in-person classroom or interactive virtual instruction courses

Please refer to the  Download this pdf file.Accountability Court Coordinator Certification Program Memorandum  for a complete list of program requirements. 

  • Asynchronous learning happens on your schedule and online classes will be available on an ongoing basis. During the course, an instructor will provide materials for reading, lectures for viewing, and exams for evaluation so that you can access and satisfy these requirements within a flexible time frame. Participants will have 90 days to complete the course from the time of enrollment. There will be no cap on the number of students who can enroll in each online course. Registration for online courses will be coordinated by CVIOG staff through their online registration portal. The online courses will be hosted through eLC (eLearning Commons).

Registration Page for Asynchronous Financial Concepts Course 

The Institute of Government is transitioning to a new registration system which is being used for training effective December 1, 2020. Please view this attachment for for some steps to guide you through the process. Download this pdf file.New CVIOG Registration System Instructions 

  • If there are registration questions, please contact CVIOG Program Coordinator Tiffany Smith.