Georgia and the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act Webinar

The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council's Juvenile Justice Unit will provide an overview of the recent changes to the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act.



CVIOG: Team & Group Dynamics

The Accountability Court Coordinator Certification Program registration is limited to coordinators. Registration is limited to 30 attendees.



CVIOG: Communication

The Accountability Court Coordinator Certification Program registration is limited to coordinators. Registration is limited to 30 attendees.


New Treatment Provider Orientation for Accountability Courts

The Council of Accountability Court Judges has implemented a new training opportunity designed for new accountability court treatment providers. 

The training is scheduled for November 8-9, 2021.  

The training is open to new accountability court treatment providers with less than 36 months experience in their current roles. The training format includes two days of lectures and interactive work groups. 

Space is limited, the training is open to 50 treatment providers. Each court program can register 1 attendee for this training. Circuit wide (multi-county) programs can register 1 attendee per county served. 

A draft agenda will become available and posted as the training date approaches. 


CVIOG: Conflict Management

The Accountability Court Coordinator Certification Program registration is limited to coordinators. Registration is limited to 30 attendees.


An Overview of Accountability Court Certification

This training webinar is open to accountability court coordinators, directors, and judges.

The training will provide an overview of changes to standards and discuss how to submit a successful certification application to prepare programs for the upcoming certification season beginning December 1, 2021.




Prime Solutions Level II Training

Prime Solutions Level II Training 

The two-day Prime Solutions® Level II training involves a dynamic blend of small group sessions, a review of participant and client interactions, and out of session readings and activities. The training is designed to enhance current providers delivery of the curriculum. 

Prerequisite: This training is open only to providers using the Prime Solutions® program and who've completed the Prime Solutions® training. A copy of the certificate of completion is required during registration. 



DUI Court Operational Tune-Up

The National Center for DWI Courts (NCDC) will provide training to assist jurisdictions in Georgia regarding best practices and up-to-date research of  DWI courts.  

NCDC will execute a two-day DWI court tune-up training program.  The training program will provide operational DWI court teams the opportunity to "tune up" their operations based deeply on the latest science and best practices related to the DWI/Drug court field.

Due to team trainings being highly interactive and focuses on group decision-making and consensus, the training experience will be enhanced by the attendance of the entire accountability court DUI court team.  

Each team member role, listed below, must have one member present during the length of the training. Due to venue capacity, teams may only bring up to 8 members from each court.  


•    Judge
•    Prosecutor
•    Coordinator
•    Treatment Provider
•    Defense Attorney
•    Law Enforcement Officer
•    Probation Officer
•    Case Manager/ Evaluator  (or other team role).


Incentives and Sanctions Training Workshop

This team-based workshop will provide extensive information about the practical application of sanctions and incentives within your adult treatment court program.  The training is designed to expand knowledge and enhance skills of team members in the practice of behavior modification.

Please note this training is a team-based training. Without an attendance commitment from the required team members, it is unlikely your team's registration will be accepted. 

Registration for the training opens September 1, 2021 and will end September 30, 2021.


ASAM Criteria Skill Building Training

Two Day ASAM Skill Building Training 

This two-day, application-focused training provides participants with an in-depth look at the theoretical foundations of the Criteria, including clinically driven services, biopsychosocial assessment, the six dimensions, continued stay and transfer/discharge criteria. Incorporating the use of the new edition of The ASAM Criteria, participants have opportunities for skill practice at every stage of the treatment process: assessment, engagement, treatment planning, continuing care and transfer or discharge.  All participants receive an in-depth Training Journal to guide the training and as a resource for continuing skill application and a copy of The ASAM Criteria 3rd Edition (one journal per court).

Prerequisite: Attendees must have previously completed the three modules of The ASAM Criteria eTraining at the time of registration to be eligible to attend this CACJ sponsored event.