LS/CMI Training

New Team Member LS/CMI Training

Effective April 17, 2023 CACJ will begin to offer an in-person training course for the LS/CMI tool.

The course schedule for CY2023 is outlined below. Please select the dates to complete registration for a team member. 

Quarter  Dates Location 
Q1 FY24 July 17-18, 2023 Atlanta, GA
Q2 FY24 October 23-24, 2023  Gainesville, GA
Q3 FY24 January 29-30, 2024 Peachtree City, GA
Q4 FY24  NA  
Q1 FY25 July 23-24, 2024 Atlanta, GA 


If the dates above are not offered within a reasonable time for the court program, courts can purchase the LS/CMI User On-Demand Training. Please note, CACJ does not purchase the training for the court, the court can however use existing grant funds to purchase the on-demand course by requesting an SAR. 

Please contact the vendor, MHS to purchase the LS/CMI User On-Demand Training


LS/CMI Refresher Training 

Beginning February 1, 2021 CACJ will provide LS/CMI Refresher training for accountability court team members previously trained to administer the LS/CMI assessment. A list of the scheduled upcoming LS/CMI Refresher trainings is available below.  LS/CMI Refresher training has ended for 2024.