LS/CMI Training

New Team Member LS/CMI Training

For new (eligible) team members, Coordinators should request the training using the LS/CMI User On-Demand Training Request form. After completion of the LS/CMI on-demand training, please submit a copy of the LS/CMI training certificate. Both links are provided below. 


LS/CMI Training of Trainers

CACJ is now soliciting applications from experienced trainers (individuals) who are interested in developing their skills to train new users to administer the LS/CMI tool. The program aims to assist CACJ in becoming self-sufficient in the administration of the tool and the onboarding of new accountability court staff.  Selected applicants will learn to facilitate the training via a virtual Train-for-Trainer (T4T) event and subsequently deliver the training program in their local jurisdictions.

Download this pdf file. LS/CMI Training of Trainers Solicitation 

LS/CMI Training of Trainers Application 

Application deadline is August 12, 2022


LS/CMI Refresher Training 

Beginning February 1, 2021 CACJ will provide LS/CMI Refresher training for accountability court team members previously trained to administer the LS/CMI assessment. A list of the scheduled upcoming LS/CMI Refresher trainings is available below.  LS/CMI Refresher training has ended for CY2022.