LS/CMI Training

Level of Service Case Management Instrument (LS/CMI)

LS/CMI Uses Requests

If you need LS/CMI  uses, please complete the request form. The maximum number of assessment uses per request is 25.

Effective October 1, 2019 the Level of Service Inventory - Revised (LSI-R) will no longer be provided by the Council of Accountability Court Judges (CACJ). 

The Level of Service Case Management Instrument (LS/CMI) replaces the LSI-R. 

Each team member performing the LS/CMI assessment must complete training using the LS/CMI User On-Demand Training Program. 

After completion of the LS/CMI User On-Demand User Training Program, please submit a copy of the LS/CMI User Training Certificate of Completion using the button below. 

CACJ will not issue LS/CMI assessment uses to the accountability court program until the LS/CMI User On-Demand training has been completed and the LS/CMI Training User Certificate of Completion has been received by CACJ staff. 

If there are questions about the LS/CMI User Training  please email CACJ Operations Administrator, Kimberly Howard.