Data Driven Award

The Metrics and Measures Subcommittee (MMS) created the Data Driven Award to reward programs who fully utilize data and their case management systems to improve program and participant outcomes. The Data Driven Award provides both recognition and financial support for continued program evaluation.

Since data is instrumental to self-evaluation and for showing community partners, stakeholders, and legislatures accountability courts work in Georgia, CACJ hopes the Data Driven Award will reinforce the importance of strong data collection.


2022 Data Driven Award Winner

The 2022 winner, and recipient of an up to $15,000 subaward grant to be used for a program evaluation, was the Henry County Accountability Courts.

Highlights from their submission:

  • Great use of data for budget requests and to identify need for parenting, marriage, and family groups
  • Thorough report of changes resulting from data analysis, from adding mentoring to removing geographical considerations in staffing and looking for ways to increased referrals
  • Clinicians making direct entries is also a plus and reduces likelihood of errors/misunderstandings.
  • Additions due to self-evaluation: recognition of participants' need for family services, addition of aftercare component to avoid late-stage/post-graduate relapse
  • Great team effort regarding data collection; good self-evaluation for process changes related to referrals and behavioral modification tools; use results of peer review and certification to modify program, would benefit from formal evaluation

Download this pdf file. Read the summarized submission here .

Download this pdf file. 2022 Awards Press Release


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