Data Driven Award

The Metrics and Measures Subcommittee (MMS) created the Data Driven Award to reward programs who fully utilize data and their case management systems to improve program and participant outcomes. The Data Driven Award provides both recognition and financial support for continued program evaluation.

Since data is instrumental to self-evaluation and for showing community partners, stakeholders, and legislatures accountability courts work in Georgia, CACJ hopes the Data Driven Award will reinforce the importance of strong data collection.


2021 Data Driven Award Winner

The 2021 winner, and recipient of an up to $15,000 subaward grant to be used for a program evaluation, was the Cobb County Family Treatment Court.

  • Cobb County FTC is fully utilizing the Connexis Cloud case management system. All team members enter data into the system (including treatment providers and surveillance) on a daily basis. Their system is integrated with their lab, so all lab reports and screen results are directly transferred into the system.
  • The team utilizes reports for providing breakdown of phases, home surveillance lists, staffing reports, sanctions/incentive, random drug screens, etc.
  • Data are used to inform the Cobb Annual Report with specific FTC highlights. Jennifer Tillery, Cobb FTC Director, notes, “The Cobb FTC enjoys incredible support from the Cobb Board of Commissioners, Court Administration, and the judiciary due to the impressive data that can be provided through these reports.” She added that the program has received financial support from Restoring Lives Alliance, a local 501c3, by sharing data regarding parent participation, children served, permanency data, participant progress, and graduation rates.
  • The Cobb FTC team meets twice a year to review program data and outcomes, and to evaluate the efficacy of the program to make changes as needed.  Data have informed important programmatic changes, like phase requirements, drug screen randomizer, timelines from application date to entry into phase one, treatment hours, and mediation assisted treatment.
  • The program reported data to be one of the most important reasons why they have a record of success both within the court and the community.

Download this pdf file. 2021 Award Press Release

Video - Using Data to Improve Program Operations, Community Support, and Participant Outcomes by Cobb FTC

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