This 2-day in-person training is designed to train accountability court team members in how to score the Level of Service Case Management Inventory (LS/CMI).   Participants will receive training in administering, scoring, and interpreting the LS/CMI. This training will also provide a brief overview on uploading the LS/CMI directly to the GEARS website. Learning objectives for this course include the following:


  • Practice administering the LS/CMI™ using case studies.
  • Administer the LS/CMI™ in the field.


CACJ will provide copies of the required training materials to participants. These materials in the LS/CMI Training Kit will be referenced throughout the class and is essential to the participants training experience when scoring practice cases with class attendees and the instructor(s). 


If you have any questions about this course, please contact the CACJ training team member listed below. 


Operations and Communications Coordinator Christina Frazier