Listed below is the contact information for the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council Grant Specialist. To contact CACJ, see the CACJ Staff Directory

Contact Phone Email Notes
Shameeka Hill

Adult Drug Courts: J20-8-015 through J20-8-051

Ursula Kelley

DUI Courts: A20-8-001 through A20-8-021

Juvenile Courts: A20-8-022 through A20-8-034 A20-8-001

Shanay Long

Adult Drug Courts: J20-8-001 through J20-8-014

Mental Health Courts: J20-8-052 through J20-8-081, and J20-8-120, J20-8-121

Michele Taing

Veterans Treatment Courts: J20-8-082 through J20-8-098

Family Drug Courts: J20-8-099 through J20-8-119