Peer-led Data Webinar

Peer-led Data Webinar:

CACJ partnered with the Director, Jessi Emmett, and Assistant Director, Heather Herrington, of Northeastern Judicial Circuit Treatment Services to deliver a webinar all about Northeastern’s data collection practices, following the evolution of paper files to full case management system utilization. While Northeastern uses Connexis Cloud, this webinar is relevant to all accountability courts regardless of the court’s case management system. Ms. Emmett and Ms. Herrington share examples of the materials they have developed to assist with their efforts.

This peer-led data training is a great opportunity for you to hear form your peers how they have overcome many of the data collection pitfalls you, too, may have experienced or are experiencing now. You will learn tips and tricks and hopefully will be inspired to continue working hard on improvements to data collection practices. 

Download this pdf file. Webinar Slides for Download

For questions from the webinar, please contact:

Jessi Emmett
Director, Treatment Services
[email protected]

Heather Herrington
Assistant Director, Treatment Services
[email protected]