GEPS Drug Tests and Supplies

What is GEPS?

  • Georgia Enterprises for Products and Services (GEPS) was established in 1993 by O.C.G.A 50-5-135, and implements the “State Use Law”. This legislation supports state entities ability to purchase, through the State Use Program, certain products and services which are provided by non-profit, certified organizations who employ Georgians with disabilities.
  • The State Use Council designates GEPS to expand the employment opportunities for the disabled Georgians, by collaborating with rehabilitative programs and nonprofits to provide on-the-job training, employment opportunities, and wages for these individuals. 
  • For more than 25 years, GEPS has supplied high quality products and services to many state entities and through the State Use Council and the supporting legislation, GEPS can ensure a fair market rate for their goods. 
  • Collaborations with state, city, county, school and government entities continue to support GEPS mission of assisting individuals with disabilities in achieving maximum personal independence through productive employment by assuring and expanding a constant market for their products and services.

Benefits of a Collaboration Between GEPS and Accountability Courts

  • GEPS mirrors CACJ’s overarching goals, by giving Georgians the chance and the tools to better their current situations. 
  • The State Use revenue gained through GEPS is reinvested in training and employment services to continue to support the disabled community. 
  • By providing employment and reducing a reliance on public assistance, GEPS not only aids in stimulating local economies, but also in reducing the unemployment rate and generating more tax revenue, as these individuals become taxable employees.
  • A collaboration between GEPS and accountability courts in the production and purchase of drug testing kits (iCups, EZCups, panel dips, iScreen Oral Fluid Devices, alcohol screening, etc.), would support CACJ’s strategic objective of Securing and Responsibly Allocating Sufficient Funding. 
  • Additional products, such as printer toner cartridges, gloves to support drug test collections, and soap, are also available for purchase through GEPS 
  • A partnership with GEPS is projected to lower the current costs each court spends on these necessary products, as GEPS is already a state-wide resource for these products with fixed, negotiated rates for accountability courts.
  • A comprehensive range of alcohol and drug treatment tools and services are necessary in determining participant eligibility and effectively monitoring their process and success.
  • Abiding with official standards of accountability courts and the necessity of drug testing, GEPS will provide high quality products to meet the needs of each accountability court, while providing employment opportunities to Georgians with disabilities.

Benefits for the Accountability Court as a Customer

  • GEPS, as the state's current sole provider for drug testing kits, would lower court costs and allowing new monetary allocations to occur within accountability courts. 
  • Delivery of well researched and high-quality products and services at a fair, negotiated price.
  • Assurance of legal labor laws being implemented.
  • Your collaboration gives back to the disabled community of Georgia, in providing employment opportunities and a way to better their situation.

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