Evidence-based Curricula Submission

Evidence-Based Curricula Submission Process

  • CACJ has created a process for courts to request that evidence-based curricula be added to the state supported  case management systems. These curricula, if approved, may be eligible for state funding.
  • The submission period is from July 15, 2022 to September 30, 2022. Submissions received after September 30, 2022 at 5:00pm will not be reviewed during this review cycle.
  • Members of the Evidence Based Treatment and Data Workgroup will review the submissions from October 2022 through December 2022.
  • Programs will be notified of their curriculum’s review and/or approval in January 2023.  
  • Please review the approved Evidence-Based Curricula and Therapies Reference Sheet before submitting your request (https://cacj.georgia.gov/treatment/treatment-fidelity-program-monitoring)
  • The submission and application link can be found at: https://CACJ.formstack.com/forms/cacj_evidencedbased_treatment_request_form
  • This submission process will occur annually from July 15th through September 30th.

State Standards require that accountability courts deliver evidence-based treatment curricula to program participants. Evidence-based means rigorous research combined with clinical expertise, ethics, client preferences, and culture guide and inform the delivery of treatment and services. Evidence-based programs are evaluated to ensure fidelity of the services are utilized as designed. CACJ understands there are more service options that may be effective in treating accountability court participants. CACJ has created an Evidence Based Treatment and Data Workgroup comprised of CACJ members, Georgia accountability court coordinators, and Georgia accountability court treatment providers. This workgroup was created to ensure that CACJ continues to progress with the latest effective recommendations of treatment for accountability court participants. In addition, approved treatment curricula will be added to the case management system.

Coordinators from across the state will have the opportunity to submit recommendations for treatment that should be considered for funding and/or added to the case management systems. The process involves coordinators submitting a Formstack application for each suggested curriculum. The application will include a summary of the curriculum and a link to information and/or research about the curriculum. The curriculum may be one that is currently used or a new curriculum that the court desires to use in the future.

Please submit a pdf of the manual, if possible. The submission should be complete and answer all required questions. The curriculum should meet the needs of the target population and/or help fill a gap in treatment services. The Evidence Based Treatment and Data Workgroup will review the submissions from October 2022 to December 2022. During CACJ’s Metrics & Measures December meeting, the workgroup will recommend which submitted curricula should be added. The Metrics and Measures Subcommittee will then make the final decision and approve appropriate curricula. The approved curricula will be added to the case management systems by the start of FY24. This process will happen on an annual basis. Submissions received after September 30th will not be considered for review.