FY26 Notice of Intent to Apply for Funding

The CACJ FY26 Notice of Intent to Apply for Funding will open Monday, June 17, 2024  and is due no later than Friday, July 19, 2024.

The fiscal year 2026 (FY26) Notice of Intent (NOI) to apply for state funds form is open to existing and potential new accountability courts. It will remain open until July 19, 2024. Please note this SIGNIFICANT CHANGE. Previously the annual NOI was released in November of each year. This new NOI timeline will allow CACJ to best communicate funding requests to the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget.

The NOI is MANDATORY for existing courts, existing courts with proposed expansions, and proposed new accountability courts that seek to submit a grant application to CACJ for FY26 state funds. Each proposed new accountability court must first work with an existing accountability court within its circuit or county to determine if an existing court can be expanded. CACJ wants to invest in sustainable courts that share personnel and other resources. Please do NOT complete this form without determining if an existing accountability court can be expanded. Additionally, please complete a separate NOI for each accountability court, regardless of intentions to complete a combined grant application.

All received submissions for proposed new accountability courts will be reviewed by the Funding Committee. The NOI point of contact will receive written notice of the Funding Committee’s decision on or before October 15, 2024.

The court types included within the NOI are adult felony drug courts, mental health courts, veterans’ treatment courts, DUI courts, family treatment courts, juvenile drug courts, and juvenile mental health courts.

Please note that the form must be completed by using an electronic survey submission. Several of the questions are logic questions and will only display based on prior field values entered.

After your form is successfully submitted, you should receive a confirmation email from [email protected] with a copy of the submission. 

If you experience technical issues with the form, please email [email protected].

FY26 Notice of Intent to Apply for Funding Form

If there are questions about the NOI (s) please contact


Executive Director Taylor Jones